When we were stuck at home, delivery began to be one of the most requested services by the restaurant sector in order to cover food orders at home. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing areas in the pandemic. There are restaurants that have had to expand their spaces or open new locations because they could not cope with the amount of delivery service requested.

 Part of this growth has driven the restaurant sector and the delivery service to have higher standards of quality and service, thus obtaining more revenue as it can based on the opening of new food outlets. The delivery sector’s revenues have been increasing by approximately 9.8% per year, so it is estimated that by 2025 it will reach a profit of 45 billion dollars.

 One of the services that many restaurants have added to their list is online ordering services, made through the restaurant’s website, or through some other platform or social network. Online ordering has become stronger, resulting in an estimated $31 billion in revenue.

 Of course, delivery has become an essential expense for 50% of adults. There are those who are home delivery consumers daily or often, as well as those who order food on weekends to take a break from cooking, etc.

 During the pandemic, 54% of fine dining restaurants were the ones that pivoted due to the high demand for off-premise dining, making greater use of delivery service.

 All these data mentioned above, have marked a before and after in terms of the service now provided by food establishments, the impact and the benefit that delivery has had for both restaurants and consumers who prefer not to move to the restaurant or food establishment and receive their order to the address of their choice is very visible, it is definitely a great advantage for everyone.

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