Enjoy fast deliveries at affordable rates. Our delivery drivers are readily available for pickups and delivery in Greater Miami and Greater Orlando areas.

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“Elevate Your Business with Our Proven Catering and Route Delivery Solutions”
Operating a restaurant, catering service, or foodservice enterprise in Florida? Partner with Weknock to tap into a delivery solution trusted by the best in the industry.

Expertise in Catering Delivery and Planned Routes

We specialize in catering delivery and planned route services, ensuring your culinary offerings are professionally delivered.
Our experience in efficiently managing high-volume deliveries, particularly for elder affairs during COVID-19, underscores our capability to handle critical delivery needs.

Success Stories and Trusted Partnerships
Our track record speaks volumes, with numerous satisfied customers and successful deliveries.
We take pride in our partnerships with top Miami brands like Sergio’s Restaurant, La Carreta, and many others. Our role in crucial initiatives like Meals of Love for the Department of Elders Affairs during COVID-19 highlights our commitment to community and service excellence.
Tailored for Growth and Efficiency
Joining forces with WeKnock means more than just fulfilling delivery needs; it’s about empowering your business for growth and efficiency. We offer adaptable, cost-effective solutions designed to expand your customer reach and enhance service quality.
Transparent and Competitive Pricing
With transparent pricing and competitive rates, WeKnock provides value-driven services to support your business’s financial health.
Our reputation as a trusted delivery partner across various industries ensures that your business is in good hands.

Join WeKnock – where every delivery is a step towards greater business success and community impact.

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Restaurant Owners Say

We have used Weknock since 2016 as our reliable delivery solution partners to help us meet our clients needs.


Carlos Gazitua
(Sergio’s CEO)