Since the pandemic started, healthy distance, the virus and different factors have contribute to a major global shift in how businesses have been working and how they have to operate in this new modality. The focus has been on the economics of our ventures and businesses, so we are always looking for a little bit more to be able to grow by offering better service, while still making a lot more profit.

We have made a study based on different restaurants, based on the increased use of technology and social networks that the pandemic has brought us. We would like to share with you some tips or advice to increase sales during Covid:

1.- Make the necessary readjustments to your restaurant’s menu. Make sure you have a menu with different options according to the concept of your restaurant, make that menu understandable and preferably have good pictures or graphics so that you can enter the mind of your consumer through the good image of the products you can offer. Try to include different types of consumers, for example adding healthy, vegetarian, or vegan options in your menu can be a very good option.

2.- Move your physical store to the Internet. If your restaurant does not use social networks, it is a good time to do so. Among the most used in the restaurant industry we have Facebook, Instagram, and TripAdvisor (which recently became a social network), through these social networks you can have much more reach with your customers, acquire new customers and advertise.

3.- Make advertisements that suit the type of customer you want to attract to your restaurant. To do this we recommend you to be brief and concise in your advertising, nowadays, an advertisement longer than 30 seconds is not so interesting for an internet consumer. Connect through the emotions of your customers to empathize with them and make the service you offer interesting. We recommend hiring a specialist in advertising, marketing or social media who can advise you and/or expressly take care of this. Currently the most successful restaurants have specialists who advise them on this.

4.- Offer specials or promotions once a week. Keep in mind that promotions are an investment to generate more flow of good and loyal customers to your restaurant, so we advise you to analyze your products and generate promotions from a product that does not affect in an exaggerated way the economy of your restaurant and that are clear. You can also add the factor “scarcity” indicating that the promotion will be for the first 25 customers.

5.- Partner with an efficient delivery service. A good home delivery service, honest in terms of waiting times and cordial in dealing with people who request your service, this will make your customers want to repeat the consumption of what your restaurant serves. A service like ours, whose main interest is to facilitate the delivery service in a new way, can help your restaurant grow due to the different benefits you have when working with us, which you can check at our website:

We hope these tips are useful and remember that at “Knock-knock” you call, and we knock.