This article lists some of the pros and cons with the available options and is intended to help business owners make an informed decision. Perhaps it can be a bit complicated to entrust delivery operations to other companies or hire companies whose main business goal is effective logistics and managing a team of drivers can be beneficial in the long run.

Let’s start with some of the benefits of having your own delivery team: By having your own delivery team, you can have complete control of the delivery of food or products to your final consumer and operate it in the way you think is most convenient for you. your business. You can set up your own department for driver management, as well as manage driver schedules and availability. Finally, you can ensure that your drivers and their vehicles are insured and covered within your company’s insurance.

Providing a delivery service with your own drivers, you have a vital trade-off between delivery control in terms of speed, quality and services, fixed and variable costs.

The cons of having your own food and product delivery team to name a few are: Increases the risk of operating in an inefficient manner. Due to constantly evolving technology and legal requirements, the fine print may be overlooked. You will have to provide a space for these drivers, since you do not have storage for the vehicles, you will probably have to allow employees to take the vehicle home, which can generate unforeseen wear and tear on your vehicles. Also as a company you will have to generate a route planning, since omitting this can generate more costs and cause difficulties in deliveries.

This business itself has a different way of operating and it is likely that as a company or restaurant, you will have to expand your company and have to hire additional personnel to manage delivery, so that it can function efficiently and does not generate problems to your business.

By outsourcing, you can simply tell the logistics company your wishes and they can implement your requirements.

These companies dedicated to delivery are really a support for business, since they allow the business or restaurant to focus on growing its brand, while the delivery company is dedicated to making deliveries efficiently, focused on the fact that the final consumer obtain an excellent delivery service and taking charge of the logistics that having drivers generates, as well as taking care of any inconvenience that may occur when delivering food or products. This has really generated incredible relief and of course cost savings for businesses.

It is important that as a business, you can obtain an analysis together with your accounting department, so that they can objectively generate a comparative estimate, between owning a team of drivers, or hiring a company that is exclusively dedicated to delivery. Keep in mind that this decision is also related to how you want to market your business and your goals in the medium and long term.

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