Safety info for drivers

Safety is our highest priority and a key component to the Knock Knock ride experience. As a delivery driver, it’s important to ensure that you feel comfortable during delivery. Below, we’ve included some helpful resources and tips for handling unsafe situations.

Emergency situations

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

As a part of Knock Knock’s service , you can now request emergency help through the app.

  1. Tap the alarm button in the lower left corner the screen.
  2. Tap ‘Get emergency help’ to alert Dispatcher. They’ll call you for more info.

If you don’t answer, Dispatcher contacts 911 to provide your location details. You’ll be provided with real-time updates in the Knock Knock app with the status of your emergency request.

Report a safety incident

Should you need additional support in reporting an unsafe situation, we’re here to help. Our Safety Team is available between 9 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week. If you need to speak to our Safety team, select ‘Contact Support’ below.

Report an accident or citation

As a reminder, Knock Knock defines accidents as:

  • Vehicle collisions
  • A vehicle striking an object (for example a curb, wall, or tree)
  • Vehicle damage to third-party property

We’ll guide you through the next steps of reporting a vehicle collision. As a reminder, our team is available between 9 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week. Click here to report a vehicle collision/accident. 

If you received any type of citation while driving for Knock Knock, let us know so that we can assist further. Please make sure to have a photo of the front and back of the citation ready.

Click here to report a citation or fin.

Protecting yourself and your vehicle

Tips to Protect Yourself

  • Put your safety first. Your personal safety always comes first. That’s why it’s important to trust your gut. Follow your instincts and leave the area if you’re in an uncomfortable or unsafe place or situation.
  • Stay aware and alert. Protect yourself, the food, and others around you by staying aware and alert. Always check your surroundings before entering and exiting your vehicle. If you notice suspicious behavior or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, leave the area and immediately call 911. You can also discreetly can use the emergency button.
  • End each delivery by confirming your customer name. Remember to confirm your customer name before delivering the order.
  • Use de-escalation techniques to support you. Keeping calm is the best way to de-escalate a tense situation. Do your best to remain calm, keep your voice low, avoid verbal and physical confrontation, and be mindful of your body language. For more de-escalation techniques, visit IHollaBack.org

Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

  • Secure your vehicle and keep your valuables with you. Keep your vehicle safe by locking your doors and taking your keys and phone with you to help prevent theft. Make sure no personal or valuable items are in plain sight before you exit your vehicle.
  • Keep moving between delivery. Avoid idling for long periods. Your vehicle should only be idle for a few minutes before either moving or turning your engine off.
  • Park with safety in mind.When parking, especially at night, stick to well-lit and well-traveled areas. Remember to always lock your doors and roll your windows up.