Explore the journey of Sergio’s, a popular Miami-based Cuban restaurant, as they teamed up with Weknock to revolutionize their delivery operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Since 2016, this fruitful partnership has allowed Sergio’s to reduce delivery costs and focus on improving food quality and customer service. CEO Carlos Gazitua emphasizes the importance of their collaboration, stating, “We have used Weknock since 2016 as our reliable delivery solution partners to help us meet our clients’ needs.”

By entrusting their delivery logistics to Weknock, Sergio’s increased their visibility and attracted new customers through the efficient distribution of their menus. Weknock’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence proved invaluable to Sergio’s, especially during the pandemic when staffing shortages and other obstacles emerged. Weknock’s prompt and effective solutions enabled Sergio’s to focus on crafting exquisite Cuban dishes and delivering top-notch customer service to their devoted clientele.

Sergio’s success story highlights the benefits of collaborating with local businesses like Weknock to optimize restaurant operations and boost customer satisfaction. Restaurant owners and managers should consider partnering with a trustworthy and innovative delivery solutions provider like Weknock to take their business to new heights. Stay informed about our services and latest news by following our social media and LinkedIn pages.

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